Alex Prusov (Prusov Alexander Valerevich).


Date of birth: 10/01/1979.


I am: Composer, song writer/lyricist, artist, musical producer.


My education:


1. Musical school - a violin


2. The Belarus College of Arts - a clarinet.


3. The Gomel College of Arts - choral conducting


The first song was written in Belarus when I was only 12.


At 16 practiced at Theatre - Songs of Jadviga Poplavskaya and Alexander Tikhanovich, as the young artist (location Minsk)


Since 1997 I live in Moscow.


In 1999-2000 I wrote an album for a duet ‘Karamel’, under the name ‘Where are you?’, and acted as the musical producer of this album. On a header song has been made special video clip and released by ARS-Records in 2000.


In 2001 I wrote 2 songs for group "Litsey".


In 2002 I wrote 4 songs for "Advokat".


In 2002-2003 - cooperated with Sergey Penkin in two concert programs ‘Love story’ Songs: Strange feeling, Forgotten romance, World of love; and the program "Don’t forget" Songs: Don’t forget, Spring day, Marvellous story, If you will be?, Novel, I don’t know, You and I. Concert round has passed successfully worldwide. Both of albums released by Gala-records company.


In 2003 I wrote a song ‘Strange Feeling’ performed by Sergey Penkin and Mark Almond (UK). Further the song has been released in Mark Almond's album ‘Heat on snow’ in France by XXI BIS RECORDS company.


In 2004 I wrote a song for Victor Saltykov ‘Finished confession’.


Also cooperated with lyricist Anatoly Poperechny, for Vladimir Stupin's album ‘Nochka Kupalskaya’ (Kazakhstan) where I’ve acted as music composer. Songs (Mum, Dorozhe Zolota, Medved-Shatun, Romance, Free Eagle, House Woman), record of a debut solo album, cooperation with Alexey Ostudin.


In 2004 cooperated with composer Victor Drobysh. Wrote songs for Vadim Kazachenko (Cold night, Goodbye, It’s time)


In 2005 I wrote a song "Don’t wait" for Prokhor Shalyapin.


In 2005 cooperated with the participant of " Fabrika Zvezd -4" and ‘Last Hero’ Ksenia Larina.


In 2005 cooperated with "Autotrade" for which I wrote some advertising songs: ‘Autotrade - We are the best’ - a hymn of a hockey team "Autotrade" Tolyatti (performed by Jam Sherif; "Palmira" - a hymn of the company producing mineral water (performed by Victor Saltykov); "Tolyatti" - a hymn of city Tolyatti (performed by Jenya Rasskazova), and also a hymn of "Maveric" club, the city of Novokuznetsk (performed by Victor Saltykov).


In the end of 2005 I wrote a song ‘White Winter’ performed by Santas.


In 2006 I wrote a song ‘Call me’ performed by Alexandra Gurkova at "Fabrika Zvezd-6"


Since the middle of 2005 until the end of 2006, I worked in Producer Center of Max Fadeev where I wrote an album for Elena Terleeva, acted as her producer.


In 2007 I started to cooperate with Deserved Actress of Ukraine Kamalia for whom I wrote the following songs: "Together", ‘Just goodbye’, ‘I Fall in the sky’, ‘In broken heart’, ‘May be", ‘Wait for you’. The song "Together" became a sound-track to "Husband of My Widow" film.


In 2008 I wrote some songs for a new singer Katya Nazarova.


In the end of 2008 I started record of an album with the participant of "Fabrika Zvezd-1", a young artist - Gera Levi.


In 2009 recorded a song ‘Release you’ by Phillip Kirkorov.


In 2010 cooperated with a young artist and an actress Veronica Agapova.


In 2010 recorded songs for Mila Kulikova, the participant of Fabrika Zvezd-6.


In 2011 I started cooperation with a young lyricist Jennet (Jenny Red).


In 2011 I became the member of the author's society PRS for Music (UK).


In 2012 I began to work on an album of the singer from Norway.


In 2012 the song "I Release You", performed by Philip Kirkorov, entered into charts of the Russian Radio "Gold Record Player".


In 2012 I began to work on a creation of the feature film and on writing soundtracks to it.


Nowadays I continue creative activity, make some musical producing of a separate projects and artists.